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Table 1 Interview guide summary (Supplementary file 1)

From: A qualitative study of bereaved family caregivers: feeling of security, facilitators and barriers for rural home care and death for persons with advanced cancer

• What was bothersome, rewarding, difficult by caring for the cancer patient at home?
• Why did you choose to care for the patient at home?
• What made you as a caregiver feel secure or insecure?
• What was demanding?
• What kind of expectation did you have?
• How was the access to HCS and was this a problem?
• Did you get support from others, and was this support crucial for caring for the patient at home?
• What kind of support was most important?
• Did you talk about death and preferences?
• Was home death important for you and for the patient? Was the decision difficult?
• How did you experience HCS?
• What kind of offers and information did you get from HCS?
• What was/ would have been the most important factors to take the patient home to die?